I began coaching to help you – someone with a creative vision – get in touch with your highest potential. As the Founder of Underground Music Collective and The Quinn Spinn podcast, Since 2013, I have built a digital media platform from the ground up. In that time, I  have worked with Grammy nominees and national touring acts. More importantly, I have gained immeasurable perspective on what it takes to build the lives we want -- and the truth is, the work must start from within.

You can achieve the vision for your life, and it is my mission to help you Unearth Your Greatness!


As a creative professional, your success directly correlates with your mindset. The more you work to develop your mindset, the more you will enjoy the creative process.

I understand that everyone is at a different part of "the process." I meet you where you are, and take the time to understand your questions and the challenges you face. This helps us develop a plan to meet and answer them together.


I have learned that the best way to build a platform and make an impact is to connect with what makes you, you. So, our plan will remain authentic to your experiences, values, and vision, so that you may share your most authentic gifts with the world.


My Creative Coaching program will provide you with weekly one-on-one sessions, tailored to help you:

  •  Understand your vision and values.

  • Take ownership of your story.

  • Know your desired impact on the people you love, and the world at large.

  • "Control your controllables" -- accept what you can (and cannot) control.

  • Tell authentic stories, build your platform, and do fulfilling work rooted in your values.

  • Embrace growth within the creative process. 


I will provide resources to keep your mind moving in between sessions. These include podcasts and other multimedia content that have helped me on my own journey.

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